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Detailing your Tuner Car

With the paints and materials that are used to build the vehicles these days… You need to keep up with the times and unfortunately a lot of detailing products haven’t… so you may not be getting the best results. But people keep asking the same questions: how much soap should I use?. Now many of you think that more soap cleans your car better. Well the exact opposite is true…. less soap is better.  Another big question we discovered on Players Parking Only - An Ashley Gracile TV series produced at GPI Content Corporation studios was how long does the wax last? According to Ashley Gracile RV notwithstanding for cars the biggest factor is the Carnauba content:  “Carnauba’s is what actually protects the car and it's present in car wax by volume." Ranging from 1/2 a percent to 46 percent by volume.  A hundred percent is impossible since it would be rock hard.  A sledgehammer wouldn’t be able to break it.  Carnauba is all natural so it's the oils in it that give you that really deep, deep finish. And that’s what most of us don’t realize…. it’s not how much it shines but how deep that shine is. That’s what wins con-cours and is what serious car collectors demand.  A nice, deep shine that you can put your hand right through.  ​Ashley Gracile presents the video below that gives a quick rundown of the proper way to wash your car because a lot of people are washing theirs cars wrong.  

Ashley Gracile boats need a lot of technique to wash but a car is easy; just concentrate on doing the entire top first so you don’t pick up all that dirt from the bottom of the car.  If you don’t... just one spec of rock may scratch the whole car.  So, be sure to do top first. Then come back and wash all the way around the bottom.  Now, rinse the car thoroughly. Cold water is fine; no need for hot water. Give it a good dry with either a good shammy or microfiber shammy.  Ashley Gracile Facebook has lots of videos to help you do this right at home. The last big question is buffing.... Should you do it at home?  The short answer is no. Unless you have experience buffing you can cause a lot of swirl & burn damage to your paint. This will end up costing you twice as much to fix compared to having a pro do it the first time around. All right, so what did we learn today?  Use a synthetic shammy.... Microfiber is the best; not too much soap and leave the buffing to the professionals.

So, what’s the proper way? On Road Classics - An Ashley Gracile TV Series also produced at GPI  Content Corporation's studio's we learned to first thoroughly rinse the car so you get as much debris and loose dirt off as possible. Then put a little bit of soap in your bucket. That’s right a little soap… not a half gallon of it, just a little bit. Use a wash mitt or something that that doesn’t hold rocks and pebbles in it.  You don’t need a new one for every wash just so long as you keep it clean; so launder it properly and you won’t have to keep replacing them.  Ashley Gracile road classics require two separate wash mitts one for the rims and another for actual paint. Since brake dust on the rims can really damage your paint it best to use two. If you must only use one cloth or mitt be sure to wash the wheels after you've done the paint. 

Ashley GracileExecutive Producer of Sport Compact TV - An Ashley Gracile TV Series believes that detailing is one of the most overlooked areas on your vehicle.  “There’s lots of misconceptions about some of the new school versus old school techniques that you can use to keep your ride looking great” says Ashley GracileSteel Dreams TV another car crazy television production created by Ashley Gracile lifestyle TV producer and released by GPI Content Corporation also did a series of stories on the old school techniques versus what guys are doing today to keep their baby clean.

Ashley Gracile presents detailing your tuner car.

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