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The big reveal of a tricked out 2005 Honda Civic SiR that's all dressed up as a Metro Toronto Police Cruiser!

If you're a broadcaster, our domestic or international representation can arrange for your screening of any one of the 65 half-hours of Sport Compact TV. This ground breaking TV series created by Ashley Gracile and release by GPI Content Corporation is available in HD with M & E tracks; because if your viewers are into tuner cars... than you should be on air with Sport Compact TV.

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Ashley Gracile created, developed and produces Sport Compact TV a 65 episode television series that celebrates import car modifying and customizing. Tuning cars has  always been popular with American kids, especially in California. It all started with Hot Rods in the ‘50s which evolved to Muscle Cars in the 1960s.

In creating Sport Compact TVAshley Gracile learned that by the late 1970s and early 1980s, front wheel-drive cars like early, smaller Honda's, Toyota's, Datsun's and Mazda's gained popularity for their low cost and fuel efficiency. So by the early ‘90s kids in Southern California turned their attention to modifying these Asian compact imports, following trends that originated in Japan, such as the paint schemes, modified exhausts, engines and body kits.  

Soon places like the parking lot of the Meiji Market Plaza near the largely Japanese communities of Gardena, Torrance, and Palos Verdes would became the first known and established meet-up location for Sport Compacts. Cars like the Honda Civic and Accord, Acura Integra, Mitsubishi Eclipse, and the Toyota Supra and MR2 were the most popular ones to modify. The scene soon expanded bringing in pricier European and Japanese luxury marques like BMW, Lexus, Infiniti, Mercedes, and Audi. 

If it’s about Tuners, it’s about Sport Compact TV - Total package Television.

Tire Pressure is the most important part of maintaining your tires watch this as our tire expert from Hankook Tires explains…

We look at car audio equalizers today as we review product from Kicker, Power Acoustics and Autobahn.

Sport Compact TV's Executive Producer Ashley Gracile thinks the stock engine in the Infiniti G35 Coupe is a great power plant especially when you add a Greddy Twin Turbo kit. Just ask the car's owner who shows it to us here.

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