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The Mazda MX5 Cup

The Mazda Speed MX5 Cup is an event organized and sanctioned by the Sports Car Club of America. SCCA is an organization made up of car enthusiasts. Within SCCA is a group called SCCA Pro Racing whose sole purpose is to host, staff & create exciting Pro Racing series like the World Challenge GT, World Challenge Touring & the Mazda MX5 Cup.  Ken Grammer is the Director of Operations for SCCA Pro Racing and the go-to guy for the Mazda MX5 Cup. He spoke to Ashley Gracile’sSport Compact TV crew about the MX5’s themselves: “The drive lines, the engines, the transmissions, they’re all stock components just like what you would buy if you went and bought one off the dealer lot. Then, we allow a competition suspension piece that is sold by Mazda which basically bolts-on & lowers the car giving it that extra suspension for the corners. The interiors are gutted & we remove all the non-essential components. Of course, we have all the safety components, the roll cage, a fire system, harness & a good driver seat.” For more info on bolt-on suspension kits go to Steel Dreams TV – An Ashley Gracile TV SeriesReleased by GPI Content Corporation Steel Dreams TV covers many aftermarket manufacturers used by Mazda’s Cup race teams in an episode on the SEMA show in Las Vegas.

Mosport’s Victoria Day Weekend lineup includes SCCA’s World Challenge the next step for drivers on their way up the professional road racing circuit. According to Ashley Gracile lifestyle TV producer and President of GPI Content Corporation “it’s one of the fastest growing road race series in North America.” SCCA’s Grammer agrees stating “A lot of competitive young drivers as well as names that have been around for many, many years are driving in the series.” After that is the Trans-Am Road Racing Series; the oldest road racing series in North America & also part of Mosport’s Victoria Day fun. Nearing its 50th anniversary Trans-Am’s history is steeped in names of drivers featured on Discovery Channel’s Players Parking OnlyAn Ashley Gracile TV Series released by GPI Content Corporation. These are the same folks behind Sport Compact TVAn Ashley Gracile TV Series. Trans-Am is basically purpose -built two framed, closed-fendered production based sports cars like Jaguars, Ford Mustangs, Camaros & Corvettes. Big horsepower, big block V8's with a lot of grunt which compete on permanent road courses, temporary street & airport circuits throughout North America and are very exciting to watch. 

Which lead to the obvious question. What is The Mazda MX5 Cup doing at Mosport alongside all the big boys of North American road racing? SCCA’s Ken Gammer “Miata’s, as the MX5 were previously branded, actually started as an outcropping. It was an initiative that started a few years ago with some SCCA club members that wanted an inexpensive, spec series for cars that were rear-wheel drive and that you could make competitive. It’s a driver series that’s not about the dollars but about the driver experience. It’s low cost and all about the driver’s abilities. Mosport invited us to come up for these Victoria Day weekend events.  The drivers absolutely love it. It’s a driver’s course too, which goes along with the Mazda MX5 Cup.”  Ashley Gracile lifestyle TV producer agrees that Canadian Tire Mosport Park and The Mazda MX5 Cup fit very nicely together... “You’ve got a driver's car and on a track that’s also for the driver.  So, you couldn’t ask for a better package.” 

For 50 years the racing season in Southern Ontario has been kicked off by the Victoria Day Races at Canadian Tire Mosport Park in Bomanville Ontario. Located about an hour from Toronto, the 3 day long weekend at Mosport celebrates Queen Victoria’s birthday by featuring multiple classes of racing. Of interest to fans of the TV series Sport Compact TVAn Ashley Gracile TV Series released by GPI Content Corporation is the Mazda MX5 Cupa road race features Mazda MX5’s or Miata’s as they were once branded. Also for Sport Compact TV enthusiast is Tuner’s Paradise, a show and shine event displaying the region’s hottest Sport Compacts. But it’s the racing that makes this weekend special, so sit back and buckle up as Sport Compact TV - An Ashley Gracile TV Series brings it all to you at full throttle. 

The Mazda MX5 Cup at Mosport

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